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Belur Chennakeshava temple – front view

IMG_0132, originally uploaded by rednivaram.

A front view of the Belur temple. I could have done a better composition had I waited for another few seconds and let the two people walking at the bottom move a bit further.

The centring is almost correct, but the horizon and the bottom may be slightly tilted. Something to correct the next time I visit this temple.

The people are useful. They give a sense of perspective.

Stone Pillar at Belur

IMG_0126, originally uploaded by rednivaram.

This stone pillar has no portion of it below the ground. It just rests on it’s centre of gravity.

Can anyone throw more light on this? Why was this put up in the temple? Is it to celebrate a victory?

Dwaja Sthamba at Belur

IMG_0125, originally uploaded by rednivaram.

This is the Dhwaja Sthamba outside the Belur temple, near Hassan in Karnataka.