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Girl child and CBSE affliated schools

If you are the parent of a single child, who is a girl, in class 6 or above, and is studying in a CBSE school, did you know that you are entitled to a full fees waiver?

Please see

It also says that if you have two children, both of whom are girls, you may be  entitled to a 50% fees waiver for each child.  This seems to be optional.

Hmmm… is this only for Delhi?  Has it been implemented?  The ciruclar is from 2005, so it should have been implemented by now.  Does not seem to be … have not heard this from any parent so far in Bangalore.

…and I have two boys!  🙂  I suppose that the school would want us – the parents of boys, or parents of children boy/girl combination – to pay more to compensate for the “loss” of fees from the “girls”!  Can I afford that?  No way!

So questions:

1. Should this be implemented with a check on economic level of the parent(s)?  Will such a check-point imply one more corrupt practice in India?

2. Should CBSE compensate the schools?  Why ask for a report, if you do not plan to compensate them?  Should there be an upper limit on this compensation?

3. Does CBSE control/govern the school fees of it’s affliated schools?  As above, would such a check-point only result in more corruption?  (As you can see from my blog title… I am not too optimistic)