Monthly Archives: June 2009

Road lay(er)ing in Bangalore … and it’s impact on increasing surface temperature

For the last 19 years that I have been in Bangalore, I have seen BBMP only laying yet another layer of tar over the the already existing tarred road.

1. While it is fast to do so, what is the impact of having a 6 inch layer of tar on the heat retained in the ground?  By how many degrees centigrade does it increase for every inch of tar laid for every square km of road?
2. Plastic additives are added to prevent water from seeping in … why then are perfectly normal roads relaid?  Koramangala is a classic example?
3. What is the overall environmental impact of such brain-dead methods?

I think the answers are known to most of us.  BBMP does not give a damn.  If roads and pavements are not relaid every year or two, then how will their engineers get kickbacks?  Of course politicians, i.e. the legislators lead by example – most of the contractors will be fronts for them.

BBMP’s yearly contribution to causing climate change in the city is not being looked at in detail.  Hope it is corrected sometime soon.