Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Brits left us in 1947. Will someone please let the judiciary know?

Our Indian courts work for 6 days a week.  But not 52 weeks a year.  They take off in the summer for 6-8 weeks.  Why?  Because that is the tradition.  Who created it?  The Brits.  When they ruled us.  Since they could not stand the heat of the plains.  And either went back to their country or to the hills for their summer vacation.  Till the monsoons brought the temperature down.

Last year an article indicated that there were at least 12 lakh open cases in the Delhi High Court itself.  So, it would not surprise me if there were more than 1.5 crore cases open.  To top it off, many courts do not have the full complement of judges.  We have a backlog there too!

Apart from the summer vacation of 6-8 weeks, some of them have winter vacations too.  They start late, and finish early.  Why are we not able to make a change to this poor work ethic over the last 63 years?

Justice delayed = justice denied.   We need a change now!