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The beauty and the beast – II

Wifey asks “Did you buy the cycle to exercise with it, or to accessorise it?”  Valid question.  I have hardly added any accessories to my car, have been busy adding accessories to the beauty that  is in the picture below.

When I purchased her, I added a bell with a compass – practically never used (Rs.100/-), and a cycle-computer – really needed(Rs. 250/-), apart from a side stand (Rs. 150/-).  Yes, the cycle comes bare, everything is an accessory.

Four months later, there is a helmet on my head – for safety – will now when I fall (Rs. 1250/-), a bhopu horn – a head turner (Rs 180/-), a set of mudguards – much needed (Rs. 450/-) and a LED rear light – not needed mostly (Rs. 250/-).

With just over 400 km traversed in the last months, it has been moderate exercise, and the same T seems to show more wrinkles than before – it may very well be a mirage!  🙂

What is more interesting is how much interest the cycle generates among people on the road.  Fellow cyclists, particularly  youngsters are the most interested.  Even as they look at the cycle end-to-end, they are most keen to put in more effort and drive past me – it gives them some satisfaction I suppose – they in their normal cycle can overtake this beauty with a beast on it.  I let them do that.  Mostly.  At times I give in to the   “Let us show them what she can do” urge, get on to 3 X 7 (front X rear gear) mode, and just surge away. Ah … ego!

The next most interested people are the ones who get to see the cycle parked or being pushed.  Now with the bhopu horn on it, most people cannot resist try it out.  Every time I go to get air filled at the local puncture shop, people  surround the cycle, ask the price, or about how is the ride, and whether I use it to go to office.  It is a conversation starter for sure.   A guard at an ATM asked me the other day whether I use only a cycle for all my travels.  After he got to know the cost, he wanted to know why I did not buy a motorcycle instead.  I just pointed to myself.  He understood.  Another day, as I was pushing my punctured cycle, a fellow cyclist stopped to enquire as to what was the problem.  He assumed that I was some kind of a cycle expert who could advise him on an upgrade, since he was cycling 15 km to work every day.  He was from Kolkatta, but was working in Bangalore for the last 3 years, and enjoyed his daily commute.

I am enjoying the ride too!