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Dumb and Dumber…yes, that’s me!

I have just reached nirvana earlier today! Nirvana of embarrassment. Of the self-inflicting kind. Read on…

So, went to a function today with mom to wish a senior citizen (her friend’s husband) for completing a 1000 new moons in his life, and to take the couple’s blessing. We know them and their children from our days in Delhi, and so you get the picture…

After lunch, picked up the tamboola (return gift), and a packet of sweet and one of namkeen and was looking to say bye to all of them and leave. Here is what happened next:
Please imagine this with me holding the tamboola in one hand and two other small packets of sweet/namkeen in the other:

Daughter-in-law to me: Ravi, please come & take the gift
Me: Why me? Mom is coming-please give her
Lady: No no, this one for Roopa (my wife did not make it to the function…and I suppose it was good in a way too that she did’nt, had she made it, then you dear reader, would not have had the pleasure of reading this!!!)
Me: Oh, Ok
Lady takes the tray & places a small gift pouch on it, expecting me to pick it up. I on the other hand thought that the tray itself was on offer!

To add to my confusion, someone tried to help me saying “you can put the gift into the bag” referring to the tamboola bag. Boy, was I confused now! How am I supposed to fit the large, colourful, plastic tray into this tiny bag?

In my confusion I kept that bag and the other snack pouches on the tray too! So, now, the lady is holding the tray on one side, and me on the other, with all the bags on the tray.

Luckily, another lady standing nearby, who possibly had prior experience of such dumbness on display said “No. Don’t take the tray. Take that gift pouch and put it into the tamboola”

Aaaaaaaaahhh! Dimaag ki batti jal gayi. Late jalli toh kya hua? Jalli toh sahi!

I picked all the bags from the tray, gave a “Please forgive the idiot” smile n exited from the place as quickly as my feet would take me!!

The point, dear reader, is to learn from above, and to never offer me a gift again on a tray.  You want to give it?  Just hand it over in my hands I say! Don’t confuse this small brain of mine… 🙂