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Mr. Shourie – GDP is a stupid measure – how come you don’t get it?

“If we continue with the UPA, and the current set of people in the planning commission, India’s GDP will NEVER grow”, said Mr. Shourie.  “Vedanta invested 50,000 crores in the project, and it is a shame, if they have to go back, because 100 tribals decided their fate”, he continued.
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When what you see is NOT what you get

Saw a reference to a Kishore Kumar song today – “Phoolon ka taaron ka” from the movie “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” – the Dev Anand movie of 1971 with Zeenat Aman as his lost (in more ways than one) sister.  Seems that the posting was related to Raksha Bandhan – celebrated yesterday, but it jogged up a different memory for me.

When the movie was released, my maternal grand mother was  visiting us in Delhi. Not sure that Indian Express, the old undivided one, our staple diet for daily news, used to have movie reviews in those days.  Or if there was one, whether it used to be read to decide which movies to see. I remember though that the paper used to have a half page full of mini movie posters in the Sunday edition.  Well, tickets were booked, and my mom & brother decided to take my grand mother along too. Seeing the title they expected to see a mythological film, or one with a strong connection to Rama and Krishna.

The pious lady that my grand mother was, one can only imagine her trauma of having to endure the 2 plus hours of Dev Anand’s iconic movie of the time on the hippy culture, drugs and it’s negative impact on youngsters. Just imagining her having to watch a skimpily clad Zeenat inDum Maaro Dum along with her grandson – my brother – brought a smile to my face. She must have most definitely closed her eyes! While my brother must have kept his – wide wide open!!! 🙂

Dear reader, any other movie titles that you have been mislead by?