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Kill the poachers and damn the Chinese

Rhino found dead in Kaziranga

Zimbabwe: Death toll rises to 91 elephants killed by poachers who used deadly cyanide

and many more…

We humans are doing what we are best at…killing off other species on this planet that we are supposed to share with them. Yes, there are reasons. There are always reasons. Poverty. Ignorance. Hunger. Avarice. 

There is one simple solution. Arm the forest protectors. Allow them to shoot the poachers on sight. To kill them. Maim them. Incapacitate them. Harm them. Till they learn that it is not good for them to tread that path. They will learn. Fast.  

As they have in the past. Not to fear the law. Because it is useless and ineffective. In India for sure. Small fines. Even smaller jail time. It is worth the risk they think. Good money. Easily earned. Kill an elephant. Cut it’s tusks. Kill a rhino. Cut it’s horns.

Criminals have rights too you say? Well, I differ. And no, I do not beg to. Differ that is. I just differ. Just see this.


And then there are the Chinese. The biggest consumers of this. And Tiger skins. Their bones. Their claws. Medicine they say. Damn them. The consumers. Without them there would be no market. At least a less lucrative market.