Token of gratitude

For a moment, I was transported back in time. To a time when I fought with a book shop owner in Gandhi Bazaar. He had chosen to put a stamp of his bookshop on a photograph of a miniature painting in the book I had just purchased, to forcibly advertise the fact that I had purchased the book from his store. I made him replace it and give me a copy without his customary stamp! He did mutter that no one other than me had a problem with his shop’s stamp on the first page of their books. In true Bangalorean spirit (when it still existed), all mutual cursing n cussing was done silently, under the respective breaths taken through inflated nostrils!

The letter below is what took me back to that event of a decade ago.


While cleaning up old snail mail, I found this letter from the Chief General Manager, Circulation for The Week magazine.

I had recently renewed my subscription for the next 5 years and as a token of gratitude, here he was…offering me the unique privilege of pasting a sticker to my car that read “I read The Week. Do you?”.

Thanks Mr. Nair, but I just cannot accept this magnanimous honour that you have bestowed upon me. I am overwhelmed! How can my small, little car, carry the huge responsibility of advertising freely for your esteemed magazine?

Sarcasm apart, I do wonder whose brainwave this “gratitude=car sticker” idea was? Going by Peter’s principle, he or she needs no further promotion…they have already arrived at their level of incompetence.

Meanwhile, I eagerly await the next “Dear valued subscriber” letter from them …a long wait… 5 years from now… if i subscribe once again. Maybe by then, they will send me a new car instead of just a “sticker”! 😀


4 responses to “Token of gratitude

  1. Terrible marketing …I must say 🙂
    Did you send the article to “The Week” guys?

    Liked by 1 person

    • No Amit…hope they discover it 🙂


      • Ha ha! I think Amit has a point. I think you should send it to them — after all, they are so busy putting stickers into envelopes that they may not have the time to google themselves or monitor their Facebook wall!
        Of course, if you send it to their “contact us” link, that may be as good as a dead-letter office — as happened with my story of the Tata internet connection.


      • Maybe I should keep a lookout for the rear windshields of cars. If I see a sticker advert for The Week, I would have found someone more grateful than me! 🙂


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