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A walk with my Grandfather

Some of us are lucky. We get to spend a lot of time with our grandparents.  🙂

Perhaps, most of us in the 60’s/70’s generation have been pampered more by our grandparents than our parents.  The “more” has not become “less”, but with parents stepping in to do a lot more pampering, the gap seems to have reduced.

I lost my maternal grandfather, when I was 2-3 years old. The only memories I have are through photos with him, and the stories I have heard from family.

Luckily, I got to spend some more time with my paternal grandfather. I remember spending time with him from the early 70’s till ’77 – the last time I got to spend time with him. We exchanged a few post cards in the late 70’s, but I did not get to see him before he passed away in Feb 1980.

Most of the time spent with him was while holidaying in Bangalore. He & my grandmother found it difficult to deal with the extremes of the Delhi weather, and spent very little time with us in our home in Delhi.

My standout memory of him involves a short walk that we took in Jayanagar, Bangalore. It was in our 1975 holidays. On a late afternoon in June, he decided to walk from 32nd Cross, 16th Main to 39th ‘F’ Cross, 18th Main. From one son’s home to another’s.

He gave me a lesson in defensive walking, if one can call it that. In a time when the traffic was far less, almost negligible, and the pavements were broader, though just solid mud, he told me about how one should always walk facing the traffic. Even on the pavement. Given the number of “Cross” roads in Jayanagar, this was a good input. In the days before indicators on vehicles, one had to keep their eyes on the vehicles approaching to see if they showed any indication of turning onto the road that you planned to cross!

The other thing that I remember about that short walk was him pointing out the large trees or open grounds as markers. “When you see this large tree, turn right”. “Take a left on the second road after the ground”. Even today, one can possibly find me, gaping at a large tree in awe, hopefully with my mouth closed…but then you need to be around to confirm that. 😉

Screenshot 2016-03-08 at 19.34.03

The walk – From 32nd Cross, 16th Main to 39th ‘F’ Cross, 18th Main

Luckily the pavements are still wide. Many of the houses are still homes, but even this part of Jayanagar is getting commericalised now. When that happens, trees inside are felled, and motorbikes are parked on the pavement.

Some pics from July 2014 when I retraced this path on a cycle



Final word: Watch out for the combination of young and old taking a walk in your neighbourhood…who knows what memories are being created right there! 🙂


The beauty and the beast – II

Wifey asks “Did you buy the cycle to exercise with it, or to accessorise it?”  Valid question.  I have hardly added any accessories to my car, have been busy adding accessories to the beauty that  is in the picture below.

When I purchased her, I added a bell with a compass – practically never used (Rs.100/-), and a cycle-computer – really needed(Rs. 250/-), apart from a side stand (Rs. 150/-).  Yes, the cycle comes bare, everything is an accessory.

Four months later, there is a helmet on my head – for safety – will now when I fall (Rs. 1250/-), a bhopu horn – a head turner (Rs 180/-), a set of mudguards – much needed (Rs. 450/-) and a LED rear light – not needed mostly (Rs. 250/-).

With just over 400 km traversed in the last months, it has been moderate exercise, and the same T seems to show more wrinkles than before – it may very well be a mirage!  🙂

What is more interesting is how much interest the cycle generates among people on the road.  Fellow cyclists, particularly  youngsters are the most interested.  Even as they look at the cycle end-to-end, they are most keen to put in more effort and drive past me – it gives them some satisfaction I suppose – they in their normal cycle can overtake this beauty with a beast on it.  I let them do that.  Mostly.  At times I give in to the   “Let us show them what she can do” urge, get on to 3 X 7 (front X rear gear) mode, and just surge away. Ah … ego!

The next most interested people are the ones who get to see the cycle parked or being pushed.  Now with the bhopu horn on it, most people cannot resist try it out.  Every time I go to get air filled at the local puncture shop, people  surround the cycle, ask the price, or about how is the ride, and whether I use it to go to office.  It is a conversation starter for sure.   A guard at an ATM asked me the other day whether I use only a cycle for all my travels.  After he got to know the cost, he wanted to know why I did not buy a motorcycle instead.  I just pointed to myself.  He understood.  Another day, as I was pushing my punctured cycle, a fellow cyclist stopped to enquire as to what was the problem.  He assumed that I was some kind of a cycle expert who could advise him on an upgrade, since he was cycling 15 km to work every day.  He was from Kolkatta, but was working in Bangalore for the last 3 years, and enjoyed his daily commute.

I am enjoying the ride too!

Dwaja Sthamba at Belur

IMG_0125, originally uploaded by rednivaram.

This is the Dhwaja Sthamba outside the Belur temple, near Hassan in Karnataka.