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Uncommon Wisdom

Yes, it is the name of the famous book by Fritjof Capra. But, you will find this one is more interesting.

We were there together….cant tell you where. Rahul Dravid and me. Watching Times Now. Sunny Gavaskar was on it. And he was very angry. About the present state of Indian Cricket. About coach Duncan Fletcher. He rated him 1.5 out of 10 as a coach. Dismiss him was Sunny’s call.

The next part is where it got a lot more interesting. Sunny was asked as to who should replace Duncan. First, he said he did not want to take names. Then he did. Rahul Dravid could coach India he said. He said it.

Our jaws fell down. Dravid’s more than mine. Yup. I saw it. Poor chap. He could not believe it. “Abbey teri!” he said. “What this Sunny bhai is doing? Why is he saying this on national TV now? Mujhe nahin banna coach voach yaar. I am happy as is.”

“I know why. He does not like competition” were the words of wisdom that came out of my mouth. “He and Ravi Shastri, both. See, Rahul (yeah first name…we are close na…)…they both have been the preferred two on the commentary team for donkey’s years. You toh recently retired shetired and decided to get on the same band-baja-hua-wagon. And you have dressing room stories to share also. You are too good only na? In the Asia Cup, son Rohan also joined him. Father and son commentary jugalbandi just started. So…like any good father, he decided to protect his family interests. With you off as coach of the cricket team, it is full balle balle (autocorrect did try to say balls balls instead) for the Gavaskars. Yes. Shastri too. Samjha kya?”

I wish I could have captured Dravid’s expression. Full of admiration for my intellect and my wisdom. And for sharing it so freely with him.

(With due apologies to the fans of the Gavaskars, Shastri and Dravid)